Decertification may result if it is learned that the CGWP misrepresented his/her qualification(s) for certification or failed to follow the first six Canons of Professional Practice for the Groundwater Professional​.

Initially, the Professional Designations Oversight Subcommittee (PDOS) will determine if probable cause exists for the investigation to proceed. If cause exists, the chair of PDOS may appoint an appropriately composed committee of three (3) members in good standing to investigate and report back. 

In the event decertification proceedings must be initiated, the subject CGWP will be notified of any impending action and given an informal opportunity to be heard to address the allegations in writing or in person at the discretion of the appointed committee. 

The appointed committee shall issue its findings to the PDOS and NGWA shall provide appropriate notice to the subject CGWP. 

Hearings, reconsideration, or any other proceedings concerning decertification, recertification, or denial of certification shall be conducted at the sole discretion of the Association. (Any expenses incurred for an in-person hearing shall be the responsibility of the subject CGWP.) 

A decertified individual may not represent themselves as certified by NGWA nor use the CGWP designation or logo.