Safe Practice in the Groundwater Industry: An NGWA Certificate Program (#1014)

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This NGWA online, on-demand certificate program addresses ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Historically there are three major loss areas in the groundwater industry:

  • Materials handling
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Electrocution/electrical hazards.

This course addresses these three specific areas with the intent to:

  • Inform employees of the hazards
  • Increase awareness of the hazards
  • Provide guidance on immediate actions to mitigate threats to safety.

Additional information

Who will benefit from taking this course?

  • Field technicians
  • Geothermal contractors
  • Pump installation contractors
  • Safety officers
  • Site managers
  • Water well drilling contractors
  • Water well suppliers.

Earning a certificate

When enrollees have completed all of the lessons, they will be able to take a 25-question test. Those who pass the test can then download their certificate. The entire process, including the test, takes approximately three hours.

*Please note this course must be completed within 30 days of registration and can only be taken once.

Course outline

Lesson 1: Materials handling

Back injuries, pinched fingers, and the like consistently represent a large risk area for those who work in any segment of the groundwater industry. Avoiding these types of injuries will save long periods of recuperation and therapy for the employee, as well as financial loss for the employer.

You will learn common best practices for proper lifting and handling of materials in both indoor and outdoor environments — and when the buddy system is an effective preventive measure.

Lesson 2: Slips, trips, and falls

One of the major loss areas for our industry is slips, trips, and falls. Foreign objects on walking surfaces, hazardous weather conditions, and working at heights present daily and unique challenges to those who work in our industry since our job sites span both indoor and outdoor work environments

You will learn how to recognize these hazards, as well as best practices to mitigate them. While solutions in many cases involve capturing a worker’s undivided attention, some regulatory requirements govern the proper precautions.

Lesson 3: Electrical safety and electrocution

By far the most severe loss factor in the groundwater industry is electrocution. While we may first think of a derrick coming into contact with an overhead electrical line, there are numerous threats from underground utilities, faulty hand tools, and improper maintenance and poor housekeeping practices.

You will learn how to identify proper lockout/tagout procedures, proper power tool inspection practices, and the critical steps in safely setting up, tearing down, and moving heavy equipment near both overhead and underground utilities.

Taking an NGWA online course

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