Groundwater Foundation Donates to Water Well Trust

Oct 28, 2019, 15:45 PM
Oct 28, 2019, 00:00 AM


Donation Will Fund Drilling of Water Wells for Low-Income Families Across the United States

ngwa-gwf-wwt(WESTERVILLE, OH — October 28, 2019) The Groundwater Foundation (GF) presented the Water Well Trust (WWT) with a donation of $100,000 on October 24. The check was presented to the WWT by National Ground Water Association (NGWA) CEO Terry S. Morse, CAE, CIC.

The donation will fund a joint effort by the WWT and GF to drill wells for low-income families across the United States who lack access to clean water. The program pays for the initial cost of drilling the well and participating families are given a 20-year 1% interest loan.

The $100,000 donation will fund the drilling of 10 wells in selected states. Drilling is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

“There is a tremendous need to help families struggling to make ends meet and they shouldn’t have to worry about access to clean, safe, affordable, and sustainable water,” said Morse. “I’m thrilled we are partnering with the Water Well Trust to tackle this problem; we have a lot of work to do all across America.”

Currently, there are 2.9 million housing units lacking complete plumbing and access to clean, safe, affordable drinking water.

About the GF and WWT

NGWA announced its merger with the nonprofit GF in May 2018.

NGWA and the Water Systems Council (WSC) signed a five-year memorandum of understanding on December 3, 2018 that set a foundation for future collaborations between the organizations.

The WWT is the nonprofit organization overseen by the WSC. Increasing access to clean water is one of the first projects being worked on collectively by NGWA and WSC.

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