In-Situ Inc. manufactures and develops water monitoring instrumentation and software for groundwater, surface water, drinking water, and wastewater applications. Measure water level and water quality at local or regional scales with reliable, low-maintenance equipment and user-friendly software designed to work together to make it easy to collect decision-quality data and access it from anywhere.

A full range of level loggers and multiparameter instrumentation; next-gen, in-well telemetry for economical and reliable remote monitoring; an intuitive mobile app for easy equipment setup and data management; and a robust data services platform provide an end-to-end monitoring solution for spot checking and continuous remote water monitoring.

In-Situ is committed to making your job easier by simplifying groundwater data, collection, and management, and supporting you in the field with a service team available 24/7 to answer your questions. Visit to learn more.


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Products and Services

From aquifer testing to baseline monitoring to low-flow sampling, we’re your source for the best in groundwater monitoring instrumentation and software:

  • Equipment that works together and requires minimal maintenance reduces trips to the field and lowers costs
  • The intuitive VuSitu app allows live readings, instrument setup, calibration guidance, and data sharing directly from your mobile device
  • Dataloggers you can rely on and in-well telemetry ensure that data collection and transmission work anywhere in the world
  • And intuitive software and our robust cloud-based platform provide instant access to decision-quality data from all your sites.

If your priorities are to save time, lower costs, get more form your data, and never miss a critical event, our solutions for on-site and remote groundwater monitoring will deliver the results you need and put you in control.