Groundwater Special Issue: Managed Aquifer Recharge

NGWA is announcing a call for papers for a special issue of Groundwater® on managed aquifer recharge (MAR).

Water supply shortages are occurring now and are expected to occur more widely in the future. When surface water shortages occur, groundwater is tapped more, generally resulting in short- to long-term groundwater depletion. MAR has become an increasingly important tool for mitigating the economic, environmental, and public health impacts of these shortages. MAR captures available water during wet periods, periods of low demand, or water that would be lost otherwise, and moves this water under controlled conditions into aquifer reservoirs.

The aim of this special issue of Groundwater — Managed Aquifer Recharge — is to inform the groundwater community about existing long-term projects, lessons learned, and modern and emerging tools that can be used to develop successful recharge projects to address the effects of climate and water supply resilience. The special issue will cover the following topics:

  • Successful MAR project descriptions (case studies)
  • Strategies for developing successful MAR projects
  • MAR feasibility and decision-making
  • MAR economics
  • MAR policy and legal challenges
  • MAR operation and maintenance
  • Flood-MAR
  • MAR best management best practices (e.g., planning, design, construction, operations, public outreach and communications, adaptive management).

Groundwater is currently targeting 2022 for publication of this special issue. Guest editors of the issue are Bill Alley, Ph.D. (NGWA/USGS retired,, Chuck Job (NGWA/U.S. EPA retired,, and Tim Parker (Parker Groundwater, tim@pg-timcom). If interested, please submit a brief synopsis of your proposed manuscript to one of the guest editors by May 17, 2021. All submitted manuscripts are subject to the normal Groundwater review process.