NGWA MAR Work Group Mission, Goal, and Objectives


The mission of the NGWA MAR Work Group is to improve the business climate for groundwater professionals by providing NGWA’s wealth of member science and engineering expertise and experience, and promoting safe and cost-effective MAR as an essential tool for managing groundwater resources and water supply resiliency.


The goal of the NGWA MAR Work Group is to be recognized as the North American leader in MAR expertise, information, and educational opportunities.


  • Develop and populate online framework for MAR information network
  • Provide useful NGWA documents on MAR including comprehensive MAR terminology
  • Collaborate and cooperate with other organizations on MAR to optimize resources, complement and supplement efforts, and differentiate NGWA’s member expertise and experience in MAR
  • Prepare inventory of MAR regulations and guidance — focus first on North America, but include countries in European Union, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Develop lessons learned and case studies that will assist with furthering science and engineering on MAR and help to avoid costly mistakes in the future
  • Provide an MAR-focused series of events including training courses and symposia