Affiliate Organization Program

​​​​​The NGWA Affiliate Organization Program provides a vital link from the national level to the grassroots level of the groundwater industry. This program enhances the industry by providing communication, administrative support, and leadership to NGWA Affiliate Organizations. The benefits of the Affiliate Organization Program are designed to increase communication and sharing of expertise within the industry, and to strengthen the voice of the groundwater industry as a whole.

NGWA Organization Affiliation is offered on an annual basis with each affiliation reviewed by the NGWA Board of Directors. The relationship between NGWA and the Affiliate Organization is regularly reviewed with the goal of strengthening the relationship and its impact on the groundwater industry.

Organizations participating in the NGWA Affiliate Organization Program have access to many useful benefits that can assist them with growing their membership, informing consumers, and building their professional network. NGWA estimates these benefits to be valued at more than $12,000, and with the annual membership fee for the Affiliate Organization Program between $325 and $925 (prices vary depending on the number of members within the respective organization), it is a great value for your association.

If you have any questions about the program, contact Dave Schulenberg at (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791, ext. 1530, or​​