The NGWA Voluntary Certification Program, started in 1970, is the only national certification program for contractors and pump installers in the groundwater industry. The program is designed and governed by groundwater contractors who understand the daily activities in the field. They have set realistic expectations and guidelines, as well as high standards to ensure integrity. It is recognized as the leading program in the industry by numerous state agencies, which have adopted the tests for their own programs.

It is designed to demonstrate pride in your job and to promote professionalism in the groundwater industry. By participating in this program, your commitment to advancing knowledge and skill in the groundwater industry is recognized by the public, regulatory officials, and the scientific community.


Being certified:

  1. Promotes confidence to the consumers in your market
  2. Gives you local, state, and national recognition
  3. Exemplifies your dedication to professionalism
  4. Ensures you keep current in the industry with continuing education
  5. Affords you a competitive edge.

In addition, the NGWA Voluntary Certification Program exams are the same exams many state agencies are using as part of their licensing requirements.

The NGWA Certification Committee, selected by the president of the Association and approved by the NGWA Board of Directors, establishes program rules and revises the exams. Once you're in the program, you’re encouraged to propose revisions and improvements to it.

If you have questions about NGWA certification, contact the NGWA certification coordinator at certification@ngwa.org or call (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791 outside the United States.


You are eligible to apply for certification if you:

  • Are at least 20 years old
  • Have at least 24 consecutive months of full-time drilling/pump installation experience
  • Pass two exams — the drilling general exam and one other specialized drilling exam, or the water systems general exam and one other specialized pump exam, within one 12-month period with a 70 percent or better score on each
  • Submit the following requirements —
    • Written references verifying your experience from two professional contacts who are not affiliated with your current company
    • An agreement form
    • An affidavit for the current year.

Application materials must be received within 12 months of the qualifying exam session.