Facts About Global Groundwater Usage

  • Groundwater is the world’s most extracted raw material with withdrawal rates currently in the estimated range of 982 km3 /year. [1] 
  • About 70% of groundwater withdrawn worldwide is used for agriculture. [2]
  • Groundwater provides almost half of all drinking water worldwide. [3]
  • Globally, about 38% of irrigated lands are equipped for irrigation with groundwater. [4]
  • The total volume of groundwater in the upper 2 km of the Earth’s continental crust (not inclusive of high-latitude North America or Asia) is approximately 22.6 million km3 , of which 0.1 million km3 to 5.0 million km3 is less than 50 years old (judged as “modern” or recently recharged). [5]
  • The volume of modern groundwater is equivalent to a body of water with a depth of about 3 m spread over the continents. [6]

The 15 nations with the largest estimated annual groundwater extractions (2010) [7] are:


The 15 nations with groundwater having the largest share in total annual freshwater withdrawals, ranked by all water use sectors [8]


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