Best Suggested Practices

NGWA is developing a series of industry best suggested practices, or BSPs for short. NGWA defines BSPs as those selected by a systematic process shown to produce superior results and judged as exemplary, good, or successfully demonstrated. Furthermore, NGWA applies a consensus approach to adapt a BSP to fit the needs of the groundwater professions. (A BSP is not a “standard,” nor an “issue brief” or “position paper.”)

NGWA’s search for BSPs is continual as the Association strives to strengthen what is weak and make what is good better. BSPs are designed to be applicable to all areas of the country, but may be adapted to meet local needs and varying circumstances. A BSP may be viewed as a source of possible improvements building on existing knowledge and/or experience. Successful adoption means a BSP has become incorporated into the culture of the groundwater industry and will be upheld as so. What was once above the ceiling now becomes the floor upon which to stand to build, grow, and improve the industry.

BSPs already published (board-approval date noted in parentheses)

BSPs in current development include

  • Designing, Operating, and Maintaining Potable Water Storage Systems for Drinking Water Purposes
  • Reducing Problematic Concentrations of Radium in Residential Water Well Systems​
  • Water Well Disinfection​

BSPs under scheduled revision include

  • Managing a Flowing Water Well
  • Reducing Problematic Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide in Residential Water Well Systems
  • Reduce and Mitigate Problematic Concentrations of Methane in Residential Water Well Systems

How to get involved

Join a task group

BSPs are developed by the collaboration and insight of industry volunteers. Task group members participate in development of a BSP by sharing their knowledge and professional experience. If you are interested in becoming a task group member for any of NGWA BSP documents, please contact the industry practices administrator at industrypractices@ngwa.org or by phoning (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791.

Submit comments

NGWA’s search for BSPs is continual, as the Association strives to strengthen what is weak and make what is good even better. If you see an opportunity to improve a published BSP document, please share your thoughts using the BSP comment form. Comments will be held for the next scheduled revision of the BSP, unless circumstances suggest public health or safety may be at risk.

Propose a new BSP topic

To submit a suggestion for a new BSP, please contact the industry practices administrator via email at industrypractices@ngwa.org.​​