Groundwater Modeling Advisory Panel

NGWA organized the Groundwater Modeling Advisory Panel (GMAP) to operate from 2016 to 2019.

GMAP’s activities are described below. A list of its papers appears at the bottom of the page as well as links to them.


The goal of the GMAP was to improve the practice of groundwater modeling through professional exchange and learning from peers.


The objectives of the GMAP were to:

  • Address groundwater modeling practices and research questions
  • Identify alternative/best techniques and responses.


The value of the GMAP was to:

  • Advance the groundwater modeling field through professional exchange and educational opportunities
  • Promote understanding of current and potential private and public sector clients of the contribution of groundwater modeling to business decision-making
  • Increase dialogue on current groundwater modeling topics and issues by the groundwater and modeling communities.

Projects completed

  • Incorporating Field Complexity into Models — a white paper focusing on the decision framework for considering model complexity given field conditions, model objectives, and the intended audience/use of a model
  • Stepwise/Analytical Element Modeling — a white paper dealing with considerations in a stepwise modeling approach from back-of-the-envelope calculations and analytical solutions to finite-difference/finite-element and numerical models
  • Model Uncertainty/Validation/Data Worth — a white paper regarding the utility and benefits of uncertainty analysis in groundwater model predictions
  • Modeling Applications (various) — a white paper detailing case examples and explanations in considering whether to use modeling as a decision-making tool in environmental and resource assessments
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions — a white paper discussing factors to consider in conceptualizing a model addressing groundwater and surface water interactions and typical applications of integrated groundwater and surface water modeling

While each of the above white papers covers a specific topic of interest in groundwater modeling in-depth, they have been compiled into one complete set to provide a broad perspective on the practice of groundwater modeling today and can be accessed by clicking here.

  • Survey on the Use of Uncertainty Analysis in Groundwater Modeling — a white paper consisting of a survey of modeling practitioners on their application of uncertainty analysis

Please click here to access this paper.