Groundwater Modeling Advisory Panel

Goal and Objectives of GMAP


  • Improve the practice of groundwater modeling through professional exchange and learning from peers


  • Address groundwater modeling practice and research questions
  • Identify alternative/best techniques and responses

Value of GMAP

  • Advance the groundwater modeling field through professional exchange and educational opportunities
  • Promote understanding of current and potential private and public sector clients of the contribution of groundwater modeling to business decision making
  • Increase dialogue on current groundwater modeling topics and issues by the groundwater and modeling communities 

Working Groups

GMAP is organized in five topical working groups:

  1. Incorporating Field Complexity into Models
  2. Step-wise/Analytical Element Modeling
  3. Model Uncertainty/Validation/Data Worth
  4. Modeling Applications (various)
  5. Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

Projects Currently Underway

  • Issues in modeling preferential groundwater flowpaths
  • Assessment of the status of the Analytical Element Method in professional groundwater modeling practice
  • Application of uncertainty analysis in the stepwise modeling approach
  • Modeling considerations for groundwater in evaluating extreme weather events and climate conditions
  • Testing and documenting software codes for integrated groundwater-surface water modeling

Projects Completed

Incorporating Field Complexity into Models

  • Decision framework for considering model complexity given field conditions, model objectives, and the intended audience/use of a model

Stepwise/Analytical Element Modeling

  • Considerations in a step-wise modeling approach from back-of-the-envelope calculations and analytical solutions to finite-difference/finite-element and numerical models

Model Uncertainty/Validation/Data Worth

  • Utility and benefits of uncertainty analysis in groundwater model predictions

Modeling Applications (various)

  • Case examples and explanations in considering whether to use modeling as a decision making tool in environmental and resource assessments

Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

  • Factors to consider in conceptualizing a model addressing groundwater and surface water interactions and typical applications of integrated groundwater and surface water modeling

While each white paper covers a specific topic of current interest in groundwater modeling in-depth, the complete set of five papers provides a broad perspective on the practice of groundwater modeling today.