Promote Your Professional Status

You rate! Now get out the word! Making your customers and the public aware of your highly esteemed status as a certified contractor is good business. You worked hard to attain this designation and use of the distinctive certification logo. Use them!

Here are a few ways to set yourself apart from your competition and promote yourself as a CWD, CPI, CVCLD, CSP, or MGWC:

  • Sew certification logo patches on all your work shirts
  • Use your certification designation after your name on your business cards, following your signature, and when registering for meetings and conferences
  • Provide your local newspaper with the press release you received in your certification packet announcing your newly attained status
  • Have business cards, letterhead, and displays or advertisements made using the digital certification logo, available by contacting us (see contact information below) or click here to request a digital certification logo.

Refresh your supply of certification promotional materials by contacting customer service at (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791 outside the United States.

Certification promotional materials are only available to NGWA-certified individuals in good standing.

Those who have been decertified or deemed out of compliance for failure to meet the annual renewal deadline may no longer legally use the NGWA Voluntary Certification Program logo or represent themselves as certified by NGWA. 

Noncertified individuals who use the certification logo unlawfully will be subject to appropriate legal action.