NGWA covers hot button issue in PFAS Management, Mitigation, and Remediation Conference


More than 100 professionals participated in an NGWA’s PFAS Management, Mitigation, and Remediation Conference, June 19-20 in Westerville, Ohio. 

The conference focused on the status of solutions for the management, mitigation, and remediation of sites contaminated with PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a unique class of contaminants.

Robert “Rob” A. Bilott, J.D., a lawyer well-known for his groundbreaking case leading to probable links between PFOA and selected diseases, set the stage with his opening keynote address. Presentations then covered topics ranging from addressing different pathways of PFAS contamination, navigating the challenges of states taking the lead on PFAS regulation, the effectiveness of different treatment strategies, and PFAS site characterization.

An expert panel discussed how we can apply lessons learned over the years on other contaminants and a second panel focused on the water supply perspective. A particular question of interest was how to deal with the investigative materials from PFAS monitoring and remediation.

PFAS have been on NGWA’s radar for several years and will remain a priority issue for the foreseeable future. The Association has created a Groundwater and PFAS resource center for NGWA members . The center includes PFAS FAQs, top 10 facts about PFAS, and a homeowner checklist, among other items. NGWA is also the publisher of the guidance document, Groundwater and PFAS: State of Knowledge and Practice.

PFAS in Groundwater Workshop: The Professional's Challenge will be held December 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.