Integrity Pump & Motor

Integrity manufacturers vertical and submersible turbine pumps to meet your applications and needs. With all stainless steel impellers and Glide-400 bearings, we produce the most efficient, dependable pumps on the market today. From 100 gpm to 15,000 gpm, we can provide the production you need. With specialty materials, the best sealing technology, and controls, we also can handle hydrocarbons, saltwater, corrosive liquids, and abrasive applications besides your standard water needs. We are deep-set vertical specialists for mine dewatering or deep water well supply. We have special 9” and 11” long lateral pump models.

Integrity Axial and Mixed Flow pumps can provide 1,000 gpm to 30,000 gpm for raw water supply, effluent, irrigation, and cooling applications. We can provide large fabrication to meet the flow and pressure requirements needed. Coatings and all stainless are available options.

Integrity Centrifugals are manufactured in all ductile iron with stainless steel impellers and can be fitted with specialty wear rings and seals to meet possible run dry conditions. Addressing the high efficiency requirements of the industry, we have a state of the art testing facility to insure pumps meet your project conditions.


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