Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation

GWMR Special Issue: Environmental Data Analysis and Management

NGWA is planning to produce a special issue of Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation® focusing on environmental data analysis and management.

Complete manuscripts are due on Friday, December 17, 2021. They are subject to the normal GWMR review process and must be submitted using the journal’s online submission system. Manuscripts should be prepared following GWMR’s instructions for submitting manuscripts.

Please note when submitting a manuscript in the online submission system there is a prompt in Step 1 titled “Special Issue.” The author must choose “Environmental Data Analysis and Management” in the dropdown.

The aim of this special issue — Environmental Data Management and Analysis — is to inform the groundwater community about modern and emerging tools that can be used to tackle big environmental data sets and improve decision-making. The special issue will cover the following topics:

  • Data management of both sensor (e.g., temperature, redox, groundwater elevation) and nonsensor data (e.g., geologic data, survey data, water/soil sampling information, analytical results)
  • Strategies for managing historical data sets often in paper/PDF-based formats
  • Data mining approaches
  • Modern statistical and machine-learning data analysis
  • Cloud-based data analytics and transformation in support of real-time decision-making
  • Data reduction techniques and visualization
  • Data management best practices (e.g., collection, QA/QC, storage, security, sharing).

Guest editors of the issue are Jens Blotevogel, Ph.D. (Colorado State University,, and Charles Newell, Ph.D. (GSI Environmental Inc., Additional members of the Guest Editorial Board are Jessica Meyer, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, and Kayvan Karimi Askarani, Ph.D. (Colorado State University, Please reach out to them with any questions.