Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation


John John “Rick” Devlin, Ph.D.

John “Rick” Devlin, Ph.D., is the editor-in-chief of Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation® (GWMR).

A renowned researcher and lecturer, Devlin has been teaching both in the United States and internationally for more than 30 years. He is currently a professor in the Geology Department at the University of Kansas.

His research interests center on organic transformations and transport in the subsurface, granular iron reactivity for groundwater remediation, and aquifer characterization by direct velocity measurements.

An active member of NGWA and the Geological Society of America, Devlin has also held memberships in the American Chemical Society, the Geochemical Society, and the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH/AIH). He was the recipient of the Leo M. & Robert M. Orth Water Resources Award in 2020.

Prior to becoming editor-in-chief, he served as an associate editor of GWMR from 2012-2020.


Associate editors

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