Documents and MAR regulatory changes reported by MAR Work Group members


Regulatory News

Federal Emergency Management Agency published Proposed Rule, Updates to Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands Regulations to Implement the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, citing consideration of groundwater recharge facilities in floodplain; 10/02/2023; Comments Closed 12/01/2023; Federal Register Notice Citation: 88 FR 67870;

Washington (State) Department of Health – issued Fact Sheet on ASR and MAR Source Approval 3/31/2023

Papers published and Websites on MAR Regulatory Framework

Doremus, L, and C. Job. 2022. Key Elements of a State Regulatory Framework for Managed Aquifer Recharge. National Ground Water Association. Groundwater, Vol. 60, No. 5. Wiley Periodicals LLC, Hoboken, NJ. Pages 591-601. Published September-October 2022.

Job, Charles. 2024. A Mid-Atlantic Managed Aquifer Recharge Regulatory Process Supports Multi-Purpose Water Reuse. Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation, Volume 44, No. 1, Winter 2024. Wiley Periodicals LLC. Hoboken, NJ. Pages 39-44. Published February 1, 2024.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2023. Protecting Underground Sources of Drinking Water from Underground Injection (UIC). 

State MAR-Related Laws, Regulations and Supporting Information

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