For Scientists and Engineers

As of July 1, 2022, NGWA sunsets the Certified Groundwater Professional certification program. Please read more about this decision below.

NGWA started its Certified Groundwater Professional (CGWP) program in the mid-1980s following the passage of Superfund. As the number of remediation projects expanded, the scientific and technical segment of the groundwater industry grew in response. NGWA developed the CGWP program to ensure professional expertise and sound science were being properly utilized. For the last 20 years, numerous strategies to promote growth in the CGWP program have been employed — unfortunately without success.

The NGWA Professional Designations Oversight Subcommittee, having discussed this issue at length, made a recommendation to the NGWA Board that they sunset the CGWP program. The NGWA Board adopted the subcommittee’s recommendation.

NGWA congratulates those CGWPs who earned the designation through their continuing commitment to elevate their skills and stay informed about new techniques and technologies that protect and restore the groundwater resource. That dedication is the reason this communication is so difficult to share. NGWA will officially discontinue the CGWP program effective December 31, 2022; however, all current CGWPs will retain the designation and NGWA will promote the credential on its website.

What does this mean for those who have earned the designation?

  • All current CGWPs will retain their designation unless they choose to leave the program or can no longer meet the requirements detailed in the CGWP Canons of Professional Practice.
  • NGWA will continue to list the designation and how the individual’s fulfillment of the requirements demonstrates their professionalism.
  • Any current professional enrolled in the process of earning their CGWP may do so with the understanding that December 31, 2022 is the deadline to complete the process.
  • All CGWPs in good standing will be recognized during NGWA’s 75th anniversary in December 2023.

NGWA commends all who have earned the designation for their personal and professional achievements in the groundwater industry, and wish them continued success.