Online books are now available from the Groundwater Project

August 24, 2020

The first three original books to be published at the Groundwater Project platform were made available online on August 24.

The mission of the Groundwater Project is to provide accessible educational materials free-of-charge online in many languages to all who want to learn about groundwater. The materials cover nearly all aspects of groundwater relating to developed and developing countries.

The three titles now available are:

  • Groundwater in the Water Cycle: Getting to Know Earth’s Most Important Freshwater Source
  • Hydrologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow
  • Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets.

The online books have undergone rigorous reviews and editing. They are part of a project that began in 2017 after the famed textbook, Groundwater, by Allan Freeze, Ph.D., and John Cherry, Ph.D., was made available for download and the goal of updating and expanding it was established.

Currently, more than 300 groundwater professionals from academia, industry, and government are writing more than 200 books in support of the Groundwater Project’s mission. The goal is to publish more this year and 40 by the end of 2021.

The books are free to download, but the Groundwater Project asks those interested to register as users on their website while doing so and not distribute books to others.

NGWA Director of Science and Technology Bill Alley, Ph.D., sits on the Groundwater Project’s advisory committee. Former Groundwater® Editor-in-Chief Warren W. Wood, Ph.D., is on the steering committee.

More information is available at