Federal government announces next round of funding for National Ground-Water Monitoring Network

September 11, 2018

Up to $2 million will be awarded in cooperative agreements with state agencies in the latest round of funding for National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) projects. Cooperative agreement funding can be used for a range of activities including web services, well maintenance, site selection, and well drilling.  

Cooperative agreements are capped at $150,000 per year for a maximum of two years. Since the program began in 2015, 38 agencies have either completed the process of becoming a data provider to the NGWMN, have an ongoing project to become a data provider, or have a project to enhance NGWMN sites. 

Once agencies are data providers, information on the state agency’s groundwater level and groundwater quality information is accessible on a publicly available web portal

The announcement will be open through November 30, and several webinars will be held throughout the fall to provide an overview of the program and answer any questions from interested participants.  For more information, U.S. Geological Survey issued a technical announcement with additional details.