OSHA announces top 10 safety violations for 2018

October 29, 2018

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced its list of the agency’s top 10 violations for fiscal year 2018 on October 23 at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Houston, Texas.


The list was announced by Patrick Kapust, OSHA’s deputy director of the directorate of enforcement programs, in a highly attended half-hour session. Kapust gave the list of violations in reverse order and included the violated regulation and the number of violations based on preliminary data.

The top 10 violations seen by OSHA in fiscal year 2018 are as follows:

10. Personal protective and lifesaving equipment — eye and face protection: 1926.102, with 1,536 violations

9. Machine guarding: 1926.212, with 1,972 violations

8. Fall protection — training requirements: 1926.503, with 1,982 violations

7. Powered industrial trucks: 1910.178, with 2,294 violations

6. Ladders: 1926.1053, with 2,812 violations

5. Lockout/tagout: 1910.147, with 2,944 violations

4. Respiratory protection: 1910.134, with 3,118 violations

3. Scaffolds — general requirements: 1926.451, with 3,336 violations

2. Hazard communication: 1910.1200, with 4,552 violations

1. Fall protection — general requirements: 1926.501, with 7,720 violations.

The top 10 violations accounted for an estimated total of 32,266 violations based on preliminary data for 2018. Kapust reminded those in attendance these numbers were only for the federal agency and did not include violations found by state enforcement agencies.

According to Kapust, 2018 is the first time personal protective and lifesaving equipment — eye and face equipment as well as fall protection training requirements — have appeared in the list of top violations.

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