November Water Well Journal features cover story on screening for bacterial populations in water systems

November 1, 2018


The November issue of Water Well Journal® features a cover story on screening for bacterial populations in water systems. In “Biological Water Testing,” Eric Duderstadt points out there is more data than ever available today and explains how that data can determine relationships, occurrences, and trends regarding deposit formation, corrosion potential, unsafe conditions, and other fouling mechanisms associated with bacterial influences.

Duderstadt examines the findings from a collection of water samples from problematic groundwater wells across the United States regarding maintenance, operation, and fouling potential, and how it is critical at times to look beyond simply a Bac-T test.

Also included is a Water Well Journal Q&A with Wind Evans, director of marketing and business development for Flexcon Industries Inc., a manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm water tanks. Evans discusses all things water tanks, stressing the key to a good system is the design of the system based on factors such as size of the pump and demand.

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