December Water Well Journal cover story details emergence of water treatment market

November 29, 2018

Water Well Journal December 2018The December issue of Water Well Journal® contains a cover story on the emergence of water treatment as an option for water well contractors. In “A Growing Market,” freelance writer William Wagner explains how the market for water treatment isn’t one on the horizon for the industry, but one that is here right now.

Media reports on water issues have created more astute customers who are asking questions about water quality and wanting checks done for peace of mind. Wagner talks with a contractor who has specialized in water treatment for 30 years about the changes he has seen as well as another contractor who left a drilling firm to start her own business specializing in well inspections.

Also included in the issue is a feature article on a topic that has impacted the groundwater industry for decades. In “Water Well Corrosion,” Eric Duderstadt points out wells across the country are facing corrosion challenges not only threatening our safety and pocketbook, but our way of life. With that, he says changes are needed on multiple levels including design, construction, monitoring, and maintenance. Duderstadt adds technology is progressing, and with it are new and improved materials, products, and testing methods to help guard against corrosion.

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