It's National Groundwater Awareness Week!

March 11, 2019


During the week of March 10-16, 2019, the National Ground Water Association will once again observe National Groundwater Awareness Week or as we call it for short, GWAW. Highlighting the responsible development, management, and use of water, this annual event features participation from federal agencies, major cities, counties, local organizations, groundwater professionals, students, businesses, associations, and more from across the United States. 

This year's GWAW theme, Think, urges each of us to consider various ways we can protect our most valuable natural resource. So Think about not running the water while you brush your teeth. Or Think about getting that leaking faucet fixed. Think about the farmers that rely on groundwater to grow the food we eat. And Think about having your well inspected to protect your drinking water system. In short, during #GWAW, Think about our future and take action to protect the resource.

Your involvement and passion during the week is what makes GWAW so successful.

Get involved by: