Review of U.S. EPA Superfund site deletion practices

August 21, 2020

Can you participate in an NGWA review group of U.S Environmental Protection Agency practices regarding Superfund site deletions from the National Priorities List that leave groundwater in an indefinite contaminated condition?

Under the EPA accelerated Superfund site deletion policy of 2017, sites are being declared completed for deletion from the NPL at a faster pace potentially leaving groundwater in an indefinite contaminated condition at sites utilizing institutional controls to limit human exposure and withdrawing groundwater from future development.

The NGWA Board of Directors has approved action through NGWA Government Affairs Committee to engage EPA in dialogue about its policies of “institutional control” of sites determined not to directly endanger human health or the environment, but that will continue in a contaminated state indefinitely and be controlled for groundwater access, including adjacent areas in some locations, until groundwater monitoring indicates achievement of safe water quality. After review oEPA policies, the review group will prepare comments to EPA on the site deletion practices.

If you can participate, please contact Chuck Job, NGWA regulatory affairs manager, at, or Jason House, NGWA board secretary, at by September 4, 2020. Thank you for your interest.