Former Darcy Lecturer appointed director at groundwater center

September 14, 2020

cook-peterPeter Cook, Ph.D., has been appointed interim director of Flinders University’s National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training following the secondment of Craig Simmons, Ph.D., to the Australian Research Council.

Cook was the Groundwater Foundation’s Darcy Lecturer in 2009, marking the first time a scientist from outside North America received the honor.

He was with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization for more than 20 years before moving to Flinders University in 2009.

Cook’s research covers groundwater flow; estimation of aquifer recharge and discharge; groundwater and land salinization; groundwater-dependent ecosystems; and water resource assessment and management for irrigation, mining, and unconventional gas developments.

He was an associate editor of NGWA’s Groundwater® from 2003-2019. Simmons is a current associate editor for Groundwater.